Everyday Essays – How to Choose Towels


Have you ever wondered what towels to use every day? Here, we introduce points to consider when choosing and recommending towels. You can choose your face towel after considering these recommendations! Please read until the end.

Points to consider when choosing

Coordinate with your home interior

What kind of atmosphere does everyone’s home have? Nordic style, cafe style, Japanese modern, or Rococo? Plain and calm-colored towels seem to go well with any type of interior. Of course, white towels go well with anything.

Focusing on the material

Since it’s a towel, it’s important to choose a material that can be washed immediately when dirty. While some may prefer materials where dirt is less visible, personally, I may prefer materials where dirt is easily noticeable. Thin and quick-drying materials are good because prolonged moisture can lead to bacterial growth. For those with sensitive skin, natural materials are a must.

Prefarably inexpensive

If you’re looking to buy affordably, searching online can lead you to many options for bulk purchases. Among them, are plain, expensive towels that come in a wide variety. For white towels, you can find options for around 100 yen per towel.


The perfect towel for any room concept is simple: “thin, pure white, 100% cotton towels” that are easy to coordinate, gentle on the skin, and easy to notice dirt on. They are also available for bulk purchase at a great price. Many people are repeat buyers of these towels because they never get boring, feel great to use, and can be easily repurposed as cleaning cloths when dirty. There’s no need to worry about differing opinions with family members I recently bought a set of 25 for $2,255 (free shipping), but amounts vary. Below is an example.who have different preferences.  I recently bought a set of 25 for $2,255 (free shipping), but amounts vary. Below is an example.

I’ll continue to share my recommendations in everyday essays. Thank you for reading until the end!